Views inside Christian Science building


Here is the sanctuary of the church.

I must confess to a certain sadness whenever a church or synagogue or any traditional religious structure has outlived its usefulness, particularly when its congregation has grown too small to make maintaining it worth the trouble and expense.

I had long wondered what the Christian Science church building in Bennington, built in 1936, looked like on the inside. When I interviewed board of trustees member Donna Oyama for an article about the building being for sale, I saw how impressive and well-kept-up the structure is on the inside.

Here is a historic Estey organ Oyama said the church intends to donate to the Bennington Museum. Estey was a renowned organ manufacturer in Brattleboro which has since gone out of business.

Christian Science is an interesting faith, a version of Christianity that arose in the U.S. in the 19th century. It should not be confused with Scientology, which is another matter altogether.

Here is Donna Oyama standing on the stage in front of the sanctuary, with a verse from the New Testament written on the arch overhead.

The building is located at the corner of Hillside and Silver Streets, next to the Second Congregational Church.





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